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Cupola Pizzeria Cupola Pizzeria Cupola Pizzeria Cupola Pizzeria Cupola Pizzeria
Cupola PizzeriaWestfield Centre, San Francisco, CA

Cupola is an upscale Italian pizzeria at the Westfield Centre in San Francisco. Located on the fourth floor under the historic dome of the original Emporium Department Store (cupola is Italian for dome), the project pairs the feeling of a modern Milan fashion show with the food and wine of Naples. The focus of the space is the artisan craft of the pizzaioli, or pizza maker, which is apparent through the central placement of the dome-shaped pizza oven.

From the mall, the entry stands out with a curved Carrera tile façade, captured by radiused polished stainless steel.The high-gloss, red “runway table” leads to the wood-burning fire of the Steffano Ferrara Uno Forno pizza oven,which was handmade in Italy–one of only two in San Francisco. Glass pendant lights, hung from the walnut wood slat ceiling, float overhead. Rich, graphic wallpaper, custom designed for the restaurant, is interrupted intermittently by tall, back-lit mirrors. Carrera tile returns at the shaped soffit over the pizza counter. Blackened steel shelving contains the wood needed to fuel the fire of the pizza oven.

Distinct dining areas set the stage for a unique dining experience. Entering Cupola, one’s attention is drawn down the runway of community tables. The main dining area is a continuous line of leather, banquette seating with solid, walnut slab tables. A few distinctly shaped tables for large parties inhabit the curves and angles of the space.  Additionally, the Carrera slab and walnut countertop of the bar extends to form two, raised, bar dining tables.  Cupola brings a high-fashion attitude to its design, using genuine materials and inventive space planning to create an intriguing pit stop within Westfield Centre.

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