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Deep Deep Deep Deep Deep Deep
DeepBend, OR

Chef/Owner Jody Denton, formerly of LuLu and Azie in San Francisco, opened Deep, his second restaurant in downtown Bend, Oregon, in June 2007.  Deep features modern Japanese cuisine—contemporary hot and cold dishes as well as traditional and creative sushi.  With seating for 100, the space is fresh and intimate, bringing an urbane sensibility to this funky, former lumber town in the foothills of the Cascades.

Because Deep is open only for dinner, the inspiration was to create a deluxe-feeling night spot with rich materials and details.  A canopy of gently moving water hovers over the double-height main space, creating a soothing spectacle and working Deep’s name into the design.  Different zones or experiences—all relating back to the main space—make Deep a social setting.  The restaurant’s dining, lounge and sushi bar are on the street level, with additional seating and private dining perched on the mezzanine, overlooking the water canopy and scene below.