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Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence Pacific Heights Residence
Pacific Heights ResidenceSan Francisco, California

This majestic Pacific Heights Edwardian was renovated in two phases.  The lower three floors were previously renovated by others very meticulously in the grand historic style of the original building. This project is the second phase renovation to the top-floor, which is a twenty-five-hundred square-foot Master Suite. It was transformed from an underutilized part of the house with no views and little light that had long ago been an attic for storage. Being the top floor and north facing, the view potential was remarkable, and hence what drove the owners to want this to be their own private retreat from the family floors below.

Although the owners really like their historic home, they wanted this new top floor to be very contemporary. This fit their personal aesthetic of modernism, and they are also very fond of New York City lofts where they had lived prior to SF.  This also made sense architecturally based on how people live now and furthermore became an opportunity to set up a design counterpoint of past and present. The façade of the house is stately. The interior of the three main floors are similar and majestic, and then as you ascend to the top floor you leave the past behind and enter ‘architecture today’.

The principal design move of the renovation was to transform the existing roof into large windows and sliding glass doors at the north end of the space to capture the drop-dead views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, and also to open up the space.  A luxurious, yet simple and sensible floor plan was designed to fit their aspirations and requirements. This layout includes a large bedroom with the bed aimed at the views, a full-blown master bathroom, large walk in closets, a central sky-lit space, and a lounge at the opposite end towards the street.

Aside from opening up the main space to the views, windows were enlarged, and skylights were added to further establish the feeling of a loft-like creative space. The structure of the top floor and roof was re-built with steel and wood timbers to accommodate the renovations. The finishes are mostly white and light to enhance the uplifting feel of the natural California light. As a contrast to this are the dark floors and furniture for a vivid interior composition. The master bathroom has slabs of Calacatta marble, and various details that personalize it and make it special.