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Provisions Provisions Provisions Provisions Provisions Provisions Provisions
ProvisionsThe Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. Incline Village, NV

Tahoe Provisions is a new 1300 square foot “market” located at the Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe. This new interpretation of the general store concept uses traditional materials in a modern way, with a design that is both casual and upscale. Materials are both raw and refined; The use of rustic but natural materials, which are both long lasting and durable, like solid wood, blackened steel and stainless steel, allow for the space to age and change over time.

Contrasting woods of walnut & hickory create the horizontal hickory slat walls. That, combined with the long, central deli counter reinforces the linear nature of the space. Bronze anodized fixtures illuminate the walls and ceiling, giving the room warmth and life, while black granite countertops and blackened steel bases give the space gravity. Custom fabricated walnut chairs and table tops have blackened steel bases as well. Walnut merchandise carts with unfinished edges relate to the rustic nature of the site, and are used to hold locally produced goods. Custom fire graphics were built into the wall evoking the feeling of a “campfire”.

The deli counter is fronted with an espresso bar, while display cases along the side contain hot and cold provisions throughout the day. Several tables adjacent to the espresso bar provide a place to relax and enjoy morning coffee while watching the morning news. Power is provided at each table for laptop use. Walnut shelves containing various seasonal goods, gift baskets and other small treats are located across from the table seating. An entire wall of the space is composed of refrigerated goods and adjustable wood shelving, a product of the food being served. The wall is meant as an art piece, displaying food and provisions which change according to the seasons. The food is the centerpiece of one’s experience of the space.

The entire team maintained a very high level of standards with every aspect of the project – from the materials chosen, to the level of detail expected, to the consistency of the image. This passion and direction led to an open design phase and to a construction phase which resulted in a well crafted, custom quality to all parts of the market.