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Rose Pistola Rose Pistola Rose Pistola Rose Pistola Rose Pistola Rose Pistola
Rose PistolaSan Francisco, CA

Rose Pistola is the contemporary destination in North Beach, San Francisco’s celebrated Italian neighborhood and the birthplace of Beat. The design draws upon the rich context, yet feels vibrant and cosmopolitan.  The goal is to be old, be new … be both.

The open hearth is the literal and figurative heart of the restaurant—a rhythm of wood-fired ovens and European ranges, a stage of bricks, mosaic tile and steel. Cook-side diners settle along counters of zinc and mahogany. From the corner of an eye or a reflection in the mirror, the kitchen fires rage for all to see.

Curved assemblies of mahogany, glass and painted steel echo the lines of wooden boat, a lively counterpart to Reed Hearon’s coastal Italian cuisine.  Floors are alive with door-to-door mosaic tile stripes in Riviera yellow, gold, grey and white.  Patrons crowd around the 30-foot mahogany bar … the space is moving, and everyone becomes a part of the scene.