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SingleCut Beersmiths SingleCut Beersmiths SingleCut Beersmiths SingleCut Beersmiths SingleCut Beersmiths SingleCut Beersmiths
SingleCut BeersmithsAstoria, NY

SingleCut Beersmiths is an existing local craft beer brewery and tap room located in Astoria Queens. The 7,300 square-foot brewery opened in 2012 and has gained a loyal following throughout the east coast since day one. Through that success, Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors was hired to update the space to accommodate the expansion of the facility for brewing and tasting. As the operation has continued to grow, SingleCut needed more space for guests to enjoy their libations and store additional grain and supplies while also updating and expanding staff spaces. CCS proposed a mezzanine spanning from the tap room’s performance stage through the existing granary and nestled above the brewhouse and cold-side tanks. The tap room bar now has a hanging steel mezzanine of industrial wire-glass and modern corrugated steel where brewers deliver grain through the overhead barn doors. Offices clad in mahogany siding anchor the bridge linking the new and old mezzanines. The drink bar itself was extended to double the length and the small kitchen on the end was upgraded to integrate the new food program. The solid wood bar top and custom concrete die wall keep with the industrial but clean modern palette, converting the ever-churning brewery into a lively beer hall after hours.