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Sports Utility House Sports Utility House Sports Utility House Sports Utility House Sports Utility House Sports Utility House
Sports Utility HouseVaroius
  • The New Home on the Range should provide more affordable and flexible housing, support healthy recreational and social needs, preserve the native landscape, be energy and resource efficient, sensibly integrate the automobile, and maintain continuity with the cultural and historical vision of “home”.  To this end, the primary design elements of this proposal include the following:
  • Two-building parti including a main house and a small accessory dwelling unit to provide more flexibility for varied family structures or provide rental income to reduce family’s housing expenses
  • Elongated simple house footprint to maximize solar exposure, increase daylighting, connect living spaces of house to landscape, and to improve outdoor space for recreational use
  • House is organized around central kitchen and dining area with separate activity areas for children and adults.
  • Dedicating shared side setback areas to communal gardens and front and rear setbacks to native landscaping to reduce irrigation needs and provide habitat for native species.
  •  Interior block pedestrian alley to support increased walking, safe informal areas for children to play and neighbors to socialize
  •   Inexpensive and innovative building technologies to reduce energy needs and conserve water.
  • Solar shed that is a symbol of the archetypal “home” , supports a large array of photo-voltaic panels, and collects and redirects rain/snow to cellular cistern wall for garden irrigation
  • Solar powered car turnaround to reduce negative visual and environmental impact of non-porous paving on site