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Straits at Santana Row Straits at Santana Row Straits at Santana Row Straits at Santana Row Straits at Santana Row
Straits at Santana RowSan Jose, CA

Located in San Jose, this project is a new restaurant – the South Bay branch of a popular Singaporean restaurant in San Francisco – and includes indoor-outdoor dining, an exhibition kitchen, and a bar-lounge, rendered in a style that is both modern and uniquely South-East Asian.

Located in the ground floor of a new mixed-use development, the project takes advantage of it’s extensive storefront through the use of sliding glass and mahogany doors that allow the dining room and the lounge area to spill out onto the adjacent sidewalks. This permeable edge composes two sides of the overall restaurant volume. Turning the opposite corner of the L-shaped plan is a continuous band of colored glass and sandblasted acrylic shelving, acting as a visual link between different programs and as a continuous display wall, packing the “opaque” interior wall with visual interest and programmatic function.

The exhibition kitchen along the rear wall animates the deepest area of the dining room with the action of the chefs against a vivid and fiery backdrop of red anodized aluminum panels. This zone extends from the storefront to the private dining room in the rear of the restaurant and is a visual anchor from all corners of the dining room.

To emphasize the indoor-outdoor nature of the project, the tropical origin of the cuisine, and the mildness of the local climate, the restaurant uses a motif of louvered or slatted openings and surfaces to allow for filtered views, light and breezes.