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David Chessrown


New York
212-274-1121 x406

David spent his early life on opposite ends of I-75; South Florida and Northern Michigan.  Inspired by a family cabin and the overlap between utility and expression, he attended the University of Miami and received his Bachelor of Architecture with a minor in Art History in 2010.  During his undergraduate education he used his dedication to precise architectural craft in the design and construction of a mobile, teaching kitchen. His curiosity for the challenges of the developing world brought him to Peru to work with a free clinic in the Andes, and Colombia to research an historical Caribbean shantytown.  Inspired by the complexities of design, politics and community inherent in these undergraduate exercises; David continued his study at Cornell University where he developed theoretical urban and landscape interventions in the Demilitarized Zone in Korea and the informal hillside cities of Kigali, Rwanda to create dynamic spaces of connection.

David joined CCS in the summer of 2013 and is excited for the opportunity to use his grow his technical education within a playful and expressive design environment.