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Pablo Sperandio

Project Architect
New York
212-274-1121 x412

Originally from Brazil, Pablo studied architecture in his home city of Vitoria at The University of Espirito Santo, obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Architectural Studies.  After he moved to Sao Paulo, the economic center of South America, Pablo received an MBA in Construction Techniques at Sao Paulo University.  For over a decade he worked as a Project Architect / Manager in a wide variety of projects, such as condo towers, private homes, educational facilities and cultural buildings.

After moving to NYC, and prior joining CCS Architecture, he gained experience working in the city renovating high-end apartments, townhouses, and vacation homes as far away as Costa Rica. For these renovations, they varied from cosmetic to gut renovations. Through this new experience he developed an understanding of building codes in New York City, as well an appreciation for it’s historical buildings and the integration of modern design within them.